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If you don't want to receive certain categories of cookies on the Align website, you can use this tool to opt-out of them. We will need to set a cookie so that we can remember your choices when you next visit the website from the same browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.


At the present time it is not technically possible for us to allow you to carry your settings with you between your browsers and devices so you will need to change these settings from each browser you use. Please also be aware that we make every effort to respect your choices, however, there is the possibility that not all cookies will be captured. If this is a concern then we would recommend that you change your cookie settings via your browser; your browser help function will tell you how.

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Note: opera settings Align website does work without cookies, but you will lose some features and functionality if you choose to disable cookies. For example, you won't be opera settings to set your country of choice between visits or complete the smile assessment.

When you move away from this page, your settings will be saved.

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Strictly necessary cookies Enabled These cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to move about the site or to provide certain features you have requested. Functionality cookies Enabled Disabled These cookies enhance the functionality of website by storing your preferences.

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For example, you can set your location on the Align mobile doctor locator page. Performance cookies.

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