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Finance lab for interactive economic lessons dedicated to pupils of the th grades and after-school space for children.

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Physically, the two areas are divided by a free-standing transparent acrylic cube which accommodates the quiet area — a library — for homework purposes, and a mini amphitheatre. On one side of the cube, there is an area for after-school activities with homework desks lined along the window.

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Along the back wall of the space there is a transformative piece of furniture — a wall — made out of yellow ethylene-vinyl acetate. This piece of furniture separates the play and meeting area jūratė gumuliauskienė the utilitarian space, namely, a corridor leading to a WC and the kitchen unit.

The space on the other pasirinkimo sandorių treneris of the cube houses the Finance Lab dedicated to financial literacy education for children in higher grades.

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The Finance Lab space is white and minimalist with the exception of the black furniture edging tape continuing along the windows. In between the columns there is a rest — sitting — area. The space incorporates exposition elements highlighted by way of colour — physical wheels representing the relationship between society and its citizens, colourful pull-out drawers on the wall representing the structure of income and expense of an individual with extra information inside the drawers, and a sand game table teaching about balancing and trade.

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  2. Imantieji būsto paskolą daugiau išmano sąlygas, užtenka mėnesio laiko priimti sprendimą Gyventojų finansinis išprusimas auga, prisiimami ilgalaikiai įsipareigojimai vertinami atsakingiau nuotr.
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The interactive jūratė gumuliauskienė includes 8 human-size screens. The screens are grouped in pairs and are hanged from the ceiling in a single line leaving the space underneath open and transparent.

The black perforated furniture edging tape organically envelops the black screens and echoes dark furniture edging along the windows. The touch screens include games and interactive information about the fundamentals of economics, i.

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The areas organically merge through the use of white floors, walls, ceiling and the bright yellow foam cubes used for education, sitting and games and the dynamic movement in the space.